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Savanna Secrets Safaris Limited


Savanna Secrets Safaris Limited is a family owned business founded in Mombasa since 1990 built on our passion for Africa that connects us with you. Boasting with over 30 years’ experience creating extraordinary holiday, we use accumulated knowledge and passion to design a life changing safari. Savanna Secrets Safaris is a well-established brand that retains its niche focus, designed to bring people into close contact with iconic wildlife species across East Africa.

Savanna Secrets Safaris Ltd stands as an epitome of bespoke safari experiences, inviting adventurers to explore the heart of Africa’s wild wonders. With a commitment to responsible tourism, Savanna Secrets Safaris ensures a seamless blend of conservation, luxury, and authentic cultural encounters. As a prominent safari operator, they specialize in crafting meticulously curated itineraries, showcasing Kenya and Tanzania’s diverse ecosystems and prolific wildlife.

The company’s expert guides, deeply rooted in local knowledge, elevate each expedition with captivating narratives and insights into the regions’ flora and fauna. Whether witnessing the Great Migration in the Serengeti, marveling at Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli, or encountering the Big Five in Maasai Mara, Savanna Secrets Safaris promises an intimate connection with Africa’s natural treasures.

Their commitment to sustainable tourism is evident in partnerships with local communities and eco-friendly practices. Accommodations range from luxurious lodges to intimate camps, ensuring a perfect balance of comfort and immersion in the wild. Savanna Secrets Safaris Ltd not only crafts safaris; they create transformative journeys, leaving travelers with indelible memories of Africa’s untamed beauty.

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Savanna Secrets Safaris boasts prestigious accreditation and partnership, ensuring a commitment to excellence in safari experiences. They include Skal InternationalKato (Kenya Association of Tour Operators, Safari Bookings among others )

Savanna Secrets Safaris limited



Our expertise is based on firsthand travel in every destination that we recommend and because we are 100% independent we believe in going above and beyond because we know it makes the difference to the moments and memories you’ll treasure decades from today. That is why we don’t sell one size fits all tours or the cheapest deals in town

whether you are traveling in a group of friends, loved ones, solo or on honeymoon, a highly personal approach will be accorded by our team of travel experts, to create the safari and design the trip that suits your specific requirements and budget, leaving you with enough time and freedom to make the right choice and selection of itineraries that suits your interest

Savanna Secrets Safaris

Savanna Secrets Safaris in Mombasa Kenya stands out as a preferred safari company for numerous reasons. Their dedication to providing exceptional experiences, coupled with their deep expertise in the field, makes them an excellent choice. Here are several key reasons why they shine in the safari industry

Accreditation & Partners

Savanna Secrets Safaris boasts prestigious accreditation, ensuring a commitment to excellence in safari experiences. With industry recognition and adherence to rigorous standards, our accreditation underscores our dedication to providing travelers with top-tier service, expert guidance, and unforgettable adventures in the heart of Africa’s magnificent landscapes.

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