Vehicles & Operations


At Savanna Secrets Safaris, we are continuously expanding and enhancing our workshop facilities to ensure that the fleet’s performance is up to the required standard.

  • Departures Department: for vehicles ready for safari.
  • Arrivals Department: for vehicles arriving from safari
  • Maintenance & Repairs.

Additionally, we have a recovery team always at your service so that in the unlikely event of a vehicle breaking-down, we are quickly able to repair or replace the vehicle by our own recovery team. However, we rarely need to do so as our vehicles are well-maintained by our team of mechanics, engineers and technicians who are all well qualified.


We ensure that all of our guests have the most reliable and comfortable vehicles on safari. In response to the clients’ needs, we have a very strict vehicle replacement policy that ensures a young fleet at all times.


Our team have lived, worked and travelled across East Africa, and together we have the requisite knowledge and experience to plan the perfect safari for you. Experts in the regions that we work with – and the trips we create are designed to bring you a unique and unforgettable experience.

Vehicles & Operations

Savanna Secrets Safaris in Mombasa Kenya stands out as a preferred safari company for numerous reasons. Their dedication to providing exceptional experiences, coupled with their deep expertise in the field, makes them an excellent choice. Here are several key reasons why they shine in the safari industry

Accreditation & Partners

Savanna Secrets Safaris boasts prestigious accreditation, ensuring a commitment to excellence in safari experiences. With industry recognition and adherence to rigorous standards, our accreditation underscores our dedication to providing travelers with top-tier service, expert guidance, and unforgettable adventures in the heart of Africa’s magnificent landscapes.

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